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Variety Of Granites

Ab Lalu Royal Enterprises Pvt Ltd welcomes you to the era of extravagant Granites and stones to convert your dreamland into a real world. Known for our outstanding, Up-to- the-mark, high-quality Indian granites, Indian stones. Trust me by using our granites your rooms look change and you will be satisfy by our quality of products. Try ones our granites and you became our forever customers.

GranitesAbout Granites

Granite is a natural stone that is famous for its beauty and strength. With more than 120 colours, India is known to produce the hardest and strongest granite. In India, granite is categorised as North Indian Granite and South Indian Granite. We prestigious invite you to involve in the majestic collection of stones that is inspired by the beauty of nature. Come indulge in the luxurious collections of hand-picked Granite. Ab Lalu Royal Enterprises Pvt Ltd Granite products are available in all colours, all shapes and finishing. We do promise that we will make your offices, homes as elegant as no one can make.

Absolute black

Alaska gold

Alaska white

Azul nueva

Bianco antico

Black forest

Black galaxy

Black pearl

Blue dunes

Chima pink

Colonial gold

Colonial white

Crystal blue

Crystal yellow

Desert brown

Fantasy brown

French granite

Fantasy white

Hassan green

Himalayan blue

Imperial gold

Imperial white

Indian juparana

Ivory brown

Jasmine white

Jhansi red

Kashmmir white

Lavendor blue

monte cristo

Moon white

New imperial red

Paradiso bash

Paradiso classico

Pebble black

Platinum white

Rajasthan black

Red multi color

River white

Rosy pink

Sapphire blue

Steel grey

Tan brown

Tiger skin

Titanium black

Verde murina

Viscon white

Vizag blue

White galaxy

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